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More power to you!

It’s time to put an end to the fear that some women still face when installing things in their home. As  Pinterest ideas run rampant and DIY crafts and projects become ever more popular, it’s a good time to remember that improving your TV setup can easily be added to the list of at-home projects, all you need is a quality product and a power drill.

As the Pretty Handy Girl perfectly puts it, “If a human can do it, then there’s a 95% chance that you can too.” It’s a good mantra to remember as you start listing out the necessary home theater improvements, like giving your shifty bookshelf a break and finally wall mounting your TV.

First, pick a mount that complements your space and TV activities. Have a big window in a small room that’s causing afternoon glare? Try a tilt mount. Need to pan between the kitchen and living room? Full motion does it with ease. Is your TV the central hub for hanging out with friends, playing games and watching 3D movies? Go with the most flexible option – interactive.

Assemble your tools. As part of the OmniMount package you’ll have a complete hardware kit (Grade 5 hardware, to be exact, which means it’s hardened to increase strength) and an install template.* Get out your pencil and power drill and follow the step-by-step instructions, or watch one of the many install videos that are available on YouTube.

Grab a gal-pal or do it alone. Larger TVs can be awkward for one person to maneuver, so invite a girlfriend over to help. If nothing else, she can act as an advisor and tweet pics of your progress.

In no time you’ll have a fancy wall mounted TV, poised and ready for a chick flick marathon. So forget the myth that mounting is a man’s job and prove to yourself that ladies have what it takes to get the job done. And don’t forget to “pin” it!

mount: ULPC-M

*Not every product comes with an install template. If you have questions about choosing the right mount, let an expert customer care specialist guide you by calling 1.800.MOUNT IT.