Go for the burn! Torch calories at home with ordinary activity


Think you have to go to a gym to get your workout? Think again! Everyday activities at home can also burn calories, stretch and tone muscles, and get your heart thumping. Below, we’ll share some easy ways to torch calories throughout the day, without breaking a sweat!

Being moderately active, for even just 10 minutes at a time, can make a big difference in your health and fitness. You don’t have to do it all at once to get results in physical and mental well-being, either.

Research from Harvard Medical School indicates that a number of everyday activities can burn as many calories as brisk walking, cycling, or low-impact aerobics. When vigorous activity isn’t the only option, you can more easily fit in that doctor-recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Check out these easy ways to burn calories with ordinary movement, based on an average metabolism for a 155 lb. person, per half-hour session. Your mileage may vary!:

Standing (on phone, etc.) = 47 calories

Ironing = 70 calories

Cooking = 93 calories

Unpacking boxes = 130 calories

Childcare (bathe/feed) = 130 calories

Playing with kids = 149 calories

Leaf raking = 149 calories

House painting (interior) = 167 calories

Window cleaning =167 calories

Gardening/weeding = 172 calories

Vacuuming = 180 calories

Snow shoveling = 200 calories

Over the course of a year, you can lose pounds and inches by engaging for just a few hours a week in any of these activities. Not motivated to move? Great music can put the fun in even housework, so crank up a fast-paced tune and burn some calories while you clean!

Recent research at Loughborough University suggests that people who use a standing desk at work may then slightly increase their sitting time at home. Be conscious of this all-too-human trap, called the “compensation effect,” so that you don’t fall into it.

Taking part in low-intensity physical activity while at home has a positive effect for health so get moving, and keep moving! Have you figured out some great ways to move more at home? We want to hear about them! Share in the comments below or reach out on Twitter and Facebook.

Before the big game: Is your TV ready?


Are you ready for this weekend’s Super Bowl 50? Whether your team made the cut for Sunday’s game or they were one of the 30 not-so-lucky ones, chances are you’ll still be tuned in to watch the Panthers and Broncos battle over the 2016 Vince Lombardi Trophy and NFL Championship title!

In either case, you should have the best viewing opportunity. Imagine it’s mid-day and the sun is up and there is a glare coming in from the window. You have a house full of people coming over at any moment, sitting at every angle, tightly squeezed into the space you call your TV room. Now’s the time to get your TV ready and OmniMount has a variety of styles and models for you.

In addition to the most anticipated game of the year, Saturday, February 6th is National TV Safety day.  While prepping for the big game, remember those little kiddos — and those big ones — that you will have over. The excitement can be overwhelming for all ages so make sure your TV won’t fall over, especially in high-traffic areas.


For extra peace of mind, secure your TV with one of OmniMount’s safety-certified wall mounts. Simply tether it to a surface with our TV safety kit. Or, better yet, mount it up on the wall with our full-motion TV mounts. Want your TV to be flush with the wall? Go with our deluxe recessed full-motion mounts!

Let us help you get ready for when the entire room jumps with joy at that winning touchdown!

Kick into gear this new year — with OmniMount!

If you’re like most people, you’ve made a few New Year’s resolutions and now you’re at risk of falling off the wagon. Some of the most popular resolutions? Lose weight is tops by a long shot, then exercise more, and finally, aiming to boost organization also ranks high on many people’s lists.

Research shows that each year 45% of Americans make resolutions though sadly only 8% of us follow through. But don’t give up, this year can be different! OmniMount has the gear to assist you in sticking to your plans, so healthy new habits have a chance to develop and unhealthy ones can be dropped.

Instead of just reading general tips on health and efficiency, how about changing your environment so that it supports you in reaching them? Here are a couple of our most popular products that can serve as your tools for success in 2016:

Our interactive TV wall mounts have you covered as you add more order and movement to your day.

Stretch! with the PLAY40 Interactive TV Arm. With effortless horizontal and vertical motion adjustment, you can move your TV or computer display up or down for exercising, gaming, and just hanging out with your crew.


Game! with the PLAY70DS Interactive TV Arm. The heavier-duty sister model of the PLAY40, it also easily moves up and down and side to side so the whole gang can get in on the action.


This is the time of year that many families purchase TVs, often in anticipation of the Super Bowl. National TV Safety Day is right before the big game —  Sat., Feb. 6th, 2016 —  so take steps now to anchor your TV and keep your kids safe from furniture tip-overs.

Enjoy your TV in 2016! If you have any questions about how to make the most of it, give us a shout. We’re happy to help.


OmniMount snags CEA Mark of Excellence Award, once again!



Exciting news! The OmniMount RE12W 12U Wall Mount Rack System has been named a 2015 CE Pro Mark Excellence Award Product of the Year winner by The Consumer Technology Association (CEA).

The CEA’s TechHome Division and CE Pro Magazine recognize the best firms working within custom integration and installed technology with these awards across more than 30 categories.

There’s no doubt among our internal team that this product is awesome, but being honored by respected industry experts with this coveted award for our new technologies rocks!

Looking to manage components for networking, automation, hi-fi and home theater implementations, but have limited space? Check this product out. It secures and protects all your equipment but in a rugged, compact format, on the wall and out of the way.

By the way, this is the second year in a row that we’ve been honored in this category. Our OE1201W Ultra Low Profile in-Wall TV Mount was chosen for the same award in 2014.

Check out the March 2016 issue of CE Pro Magazine or online at cepro.com for more award news.

Bring your technology to life this holiday!


This is the season to add new technology, gadgets, and gizmos to the home. So, whether your tech ends up in the family room, office, or bedroom – it’s time to get it tidied up and ready for the new year. With a few key additions, you can seamlessly blend your new and current technology, adding safety, style, and convenience in the bargain!

Check out our three top picks in these most popular mounting styles:

OE120IW Recessed In-Wall TV Mount

Recessed In-Wall TV Mount

What’s better than low profile? No profile. OmniMount’s OE120IW is a full motion mount that gets recessed in the wall. You get all the flexibility of a full motion mount without the bulk. 

PLAY40DS Interactive TV Arm

PLAY40DS Interactive TV Arm

Sit. Stand. Stretch. Play! Don’t just sit and watch your TV—get up and interact with it. With a full range of motion, PLAY40DS Interactive TV Arm allows you to interact with your flat screen display when watching movies, gaming or exercising.

RE12W 12U Wall Mount Rack System

RE12W 12U Wall Mount Rack System

A wall mounted rack system, the RE12W Wall Mount Rack System lets you manage components for networking, automation, hi-fi and home theater, even when floor space is at a minimum.

We support the technology that brings your home to life. Whatever your technology choice, best wishes for a safe and happy holiday and New Year!

New ways to encourage a healthy home life – ErgotronHome


Among the thousand and one things that have to get done at home on any given day, including the all-important act of relaxing, it’s hard to believe that reducing sedentary time is a high priority on everyone’s list. But what if you could accomplish the to-do list and break up unhealthy periods of down time at the same time, would that priority level change?

Take the typical evening at home. How many hours are in a chair or couch related activity? Meals, favorite shows, doing homework, catching up on social site, paying bills, folding laundry, reading a book… Is half your waking hours spent sitting? Three-quarters?

Since most people’s reaction to “why not stand a little while watching TV?” is met with equal parts disbelief, we have another idea.

Check out the ErgotronHome Workspace™ collection of sit-stand and home-tech organization products that bring healthier movement into everyday activities, especially home technology use. Whether you are paying bills online or updating your social network with the Workspace Lift products or sorting mail or checking the location for the game using the Hub, your active lifestyle is supported without defying logic.

As you know with OmniMount products, placing your technology appropriately throughout your home should be a thoughtful process. Asking the all-important, “What activities do I want to do in this room and where in the room do I want to do them?” opens a whole new dialogue regarding the other parts of your home tech usage.

No doubt, it is a challenge to introduce activity in previously sedentary parts of the day. But what if you did? Maybe it is time to put you and your family’s well-being first. We know blending technology into your home is a personal thing. Here’s one more way to sit less and move more for health and vitality.



Top 10 TV time tune-ups, part 1


Overnight, our entertainment viewing options have changed. Doesn’t it feel that way? We can see our favorite shows on our watch, in car headrests, through our phones at the beach, our tablets on the train, or via satellite on the plane. Given all these advancements, imagine our surprise when recently we discovered TV safety still includes ensuring proper positioning and anchoring of any TV, CRT and flat screen alike, in the home.

For the uninitiated, and essentially that’s everyone under the age of 40, CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube, i.e., those old boxy TVs heavier than a bread box, with bad habits like sucking up space, energy, and being at odds with your décor. E-landfills are full of them, aren’t they, but our homes too? It got us thinking.

In addition to postponed TV upgrades, what else are people, let’s say “missing”, when it comes to TV management in the home? As a result, here’s the first part of our Top Ten List of TV Time Tune-ups. Perhaps it will inspire you.

1. Consider mounting your TV on the wall. Netflix and online streaming aside, most homes do sport a high-def TV or two. Is it a potential hazard on unstable surfaces? Is there the potential of tip-overs? Or does it under serve your needs? Mounting your TV will free up valuable space, will modernize your tech-décor, and will help reduce your safety risks.

2. Get to know the world of wall mounts. We know, you’ve trudged through those areas in the store for TV mounts and thought, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” Or, like an old Steve Martin routine on Saturday Night Live, asked, “What in the heck is that thing?” Not all mounts are created equal. You will find there are mounts from the easiest install you can imagine to sophisticated setups that will make you the envy of all your peers. Take time to find the one that’s right for your home space and viewing needs, from a quality brand that will protect your investment.

3. Expand your viewing views. Gone are the days when sitting in the living room was the only place you watched TV, and that TV was the only thing you watched. Gaming, exercising, sharing pics and watching videos are just a few of the ways people are using their TVs these days. Consider an action mount that allows broader adjustment to your view. Action mounts allow your screen to follow you wherever you are within range. Down low when on the floor, to the right or to the left, or up high for the big game.

4. E-Cycle after your TV tech upgrades. Neighborhood clean ups or even some big box stores are making it really easy for you to clear old TVs out of your home.

5. Ask for help to install your wall mounted TVs. Gasp. We know, asking for helping can be just as daunting for some as using powers tools is for others. But most mounting projects are entirely doable by you and a handy friend. Or, consider engaging an installer to do the job on larger, smart entertainment projects. Service providers can make quick work of it too, so that 1 hour install doesn’t need to take six weeks.

Stay tuned for part 2, when we’ll continue with our top 6 to 10 tune-ups!

OmniMount experts weigh in: Top Trends at CEDIA


We sat down with CE veteran Bill Ennis, OmniMount Sales Director, Americas and Kevin Paulson, OmniMount Director of Product Management, as they prepared for the CEDIA EXPO to discuss what they saw as the top trends in category. Bill went so far as to call it this way—the category is experiencing a renaissance that is exciting to see. Here are their thoughts:

  1. Curved TVs. The market isn’t giving up on the design opportunities, however, much like Blu-ray over HD DVD, there is still debate about whether curved is worth it. Other benefits to viewing aside, the consumer still has to contend with a bulkier back than they are used to mounting. The good news, that early adopters won’t necessarily be having to replace their whole wall mount. Spacers kits are available to fit the new TVs on existing mounts, as long as the weight capacities are congruent with the originally mounted TV.
  2. Prettier TVs. Okay, Bill didn’t use the word pretty, but the truth is, female buyers are more likely to mount a TV on the wall, if the TV itself is geared more to the rest of their interior decor. Thinner, and lighter TVS with smaller bezels are appealing the female demographic. As well, consumers are more comfortable with the smart home, smart media management idea, and not intimated by wireless connectivity of their devices. So with mounting kits that don’t require major wall reconstruction, and wall accessories like the OSW22 or the OSW60, that matches the size of the TV and looks attractive, they expect to see resurgence in TV mounting.
  3. 4K all the way. 4K TV and Ultra HD affects just about any digital image capture – practically anything that displays images or records video. The momentum it experienced last year is continuing to grow. For a while, 3D made its bid, but Bill and Kevin see 4K as surpassing 3D and becoming an even bigger seller this year.  4K TV sets are now available from most of the major TV manufacturers, and the picture is demonstrably better than anything seen before. The average consumers may have three to five TVs around the house and more than likely will be replenishing their TVS with 4K soon.
  4. Unique mounts. Who doesn’t love it when someone visits your home and stops and says, “Wow!” Not reserved for home theaters anymore, you can also achieve a “wow” with unique mounting like OmniMount’s OE120IW, a recessed box and TV mount system for high end in-wall installations. Custom installers still want to be able to bring this wow factor to their customers, and hiding the cables and plugs for that “float on the wall” look will continue to be a draw. Products like the OE120IW are designed and engineered as a unit, improving the overall quality, fit and finish which is what consumers want.

Agree with their short list? Have some of your own to add? Feel free to debate the issue with them at CEDIA, booth 3712, or online anytime!

kevin paulson-4x6


Kevin Paulson
OmniMount Director of Product Management





Bill Ennis
OmniMount Sales Director, Americas


Come see OmniMount at CEDIA 2015


Attend CEDIA EXPO 2015 — Just Days Away! — for the Future Home Experience

A long-time exhibitor at the show, OmniMount continues to respond to the demand for hidden technology with innovative in-wall box and TV mount solutions. We’re unveiling more in our line of best-in-class products that offer full-motion functionality in a nearly nonexistent profile.

Fixed, tilt, full motion, or interactive – our line-up of device positioning solutions is aggressively-priced.

In the Spotlight: Award-winning Omni-directional movement solutions that make residential installs and home tech even better!

TV Wall Mount Solutions
Built with Ergotron CF technology, these mounts effortlessly move a TV into positions never before possible. Check out the NEW! OE120IW in our OmniElite series.

Digital Device Solutions
See our newest iPad case, cover and mount bracket, designed to smoothly interface with one another. You have a wide choice of mounting options.

Computer Sit-Stand Solutions
Whether gaming, browsing, or working, our sit-stand solutions maximize space and make screen time healthier for every member of a family. Take these space-saving workstations for a test-drive!

Stop by Booth 3712 and see what’s new and how we’re changing the game of custom installation. Or, if you prefer, schedule an appointment (800.668.6848) in advance.

Follow us at @omnimount and stay in the loop on show news at #CEDIA15

Work at a wellness-minded organization?


Does your experience of healthy living in your home cross over to your workplace? If so, the American Diabetes Association wants to recognize organizations that champion a culture of wellness! Encourage companies, non-profits, governmental agencies and others in your community to apply for recognition of their efforts to engage employees or members with the ADA’s new Health Champion Designation.

Think of it as a wellness “seal of approval,” awarded for meeting criteria in nutrition and weight management, physical activity, and organizational wellbeing.

The Health Champion Designation application is open now and will remain open until October 31, 2015.
Learn more here