Meet OmniMount’s Newest Custom Installer Products

We know that custom installers look for ease and flexibility when choosing A/V equipment, so we’ve designed our newest products in the OmniPro series with installer-driven features that make OmniMount stand out above the rest.

Extended Full Motion TV Wall Mounts

CI80FMXGive your customers flexible views without the bulk. OmniMount’s CI80FMX and CI120FMX extended full motion TV wall mounts provide an extra six inches of extension so users can easily access the back of the TV for streaming and more with the best views from room to room.

Post-installation leveling makes this crucial step easier than ever before. Just tighten the safety screws after a final leveling check to ensure a straight view that accounts for uneven walls or floors. Plus, everything you need is included in the complete hardware kit for a no-stress, three-step installation.

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Pro-grade tilt mounts

CI120TPLTime-consuming installations can slow even the most experienced TV installers down. Have your customers start enjoying their TV faster with OmniMount’s new pro-grade tilt mounts. Available in three sizes, these TV wall mounts use patented post-installation leveling for a straight install every time. A quick release latch makes it easy to remove the screen or connect technology while ensuring a sturdy fit—all at a great price.

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