Juststand.org Shows Why Movement Matters at Home

Healthy living starts at home, and it’s not just in what’s served at the dinner table. New technology and devices have us hooked, increasing screen time – and sitting time – for both parents and kids. It only takes 20 minutes in any fixed position to inhibit our metabolism, sending us down an unhealthy path. How do we break up all this sedentary time?

The newly refreshed JustStand.org website shares tips on how to make your home life more active. Whether taking regular breaks from your TV or home office computer, or investing in some sit-stand furniture and tools, you can absolutely begin to counteract the negative impact of prolonged sitting. Learn more yourself and share the positive changes with your family–everyone benefits from moving more.

On the site you’ll find popular tools like the calorie-burn calculator to help you track how many extra calories you are burning by standing more. Or you can assess your risks from sitting too much with the sitting time calculator. Other new features like the health benefit snippets in the Facts section, or the useful videos and tools in the Resources section, help you share the news with the networks you care about most. The site also includes a broad base of current scientific findings at research.juststand.org, and offers insights on current trends in the MoveMore blog.

It’s easy to get connect to and join the mission. Or subscribe to the latest news from the JustStand® Wellness Movement. A healthy mindset and lifestyle starts with awareness. You take it from there.

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