Bring your technology to life this holiday!


This is the season to add new technology, gadgets, and gizmos to the home. So, whether your tech ends up in the family room, office, or bedroom – it’s time to get it tidied up and ready for the new year. With a few key additions, you can seamlessly blend your new and current technology, adding safety, style, and convenience in the bargain!

Check out our three top picks in these most popular mounting styles:

OE120IW Recessed In-Wall TV Mount

Recessed In-Wall TV Mount

What’s better than low profile? No profile. OmniMount’s OE120IW is a full motion mount that gets recessed in the wall. You get all the flexibility of a full motion mount without the bulk. 

PLAY40DS Interactive TV Arm

PLAY40DS Interactive TV Arm

Sit. Stand. Stretch. Play! Don’t just sit and watch your TV—get up and interact with it. With a full range of motion, PLAY40DS Interactive TV Arm allows you to interact with your flat screen display when watching movies, gaming or exercising.

RE12W 12U Wall Mount Rack System

RE12W 12U Wall Mount Rack System

A wall mounted rack system, the RE12W Wall Mount Rack System lets you manage components for networking, automation, hi-fi and home theater, even when floor space is at a minimum.

We support the technology that brings your home to life. Whatever your technology choice, best wishes for a safe and happy holiday and New Year!

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