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Top 10 TV time tune-ups, part 1


Overnight, our entertainment viewing options have changed. Doesn’t it feel that way? We can see our favorite shows on our watch, in car headrests, through our phones at the beach, our tablets on the train, or via satellite on the plane. Given all these advancements, imagine our surprise when recently we discovered TV safety still includes ensuring proper positioning and anchoring of any TV, CRT and flat screen alike, in the home.

For the uninitiated, and essentially that’s everyone under the age of 40, CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube, i.e., those old boxy TVs heavier than a bread box, with bad habits like sucking up space, energy, and being at odds with your décor. E-landfills are full of them, aren’t they, but our homes too? It got us thinking.

In addition to postponed TV upgrades, what else are people, let’s say “missing”, when it comes to TV management in the home? As a result, here’s the first part of our Top Ten List of TV Time Tune-ups. Perhaps it will inspire you.

1. Consider mounting your TV on the wall. Netflix and online streaming aside, most homes do sport a high-def TV or two. Is it a potential hazard on unstable surfaces? Is there the potential of tip-overs? Or does it under serve your needs? Mounting your TV will free up valuable space, will modernize your tech-décor, and will help reduce your safety risks.

2. Get to know the world of wall mounts. We know, you’ve trudged through those areas in the store for TV mounts and thought, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” Or, like an old Steve Martin routine on Saturday Night Live, asked, “What in the heck is that thing?” Not all mounts are created equal. You will find there are mounts from the easiest install you can imagine to sophisticated setups that will make you the envy of all your peers. Take time to find the one that’s right for your home space and viewing needs, from a quality brand that will protect your investment.

3. Expand your viewing views. Gone are the days when sitting in the living room was the only place you watched TV, and that TV was the only thing you watched. Gaming, exercising, sharing pics and watching videos are just a few of the ways people are using their TVs these days. Consider an action mount that allows broader adjustment to your view. Action mounts allow your screen to follow you wherever you are within range. Down low when on the floor, to the right or to the left, or up high for the big game.

4. E-Cycle after your TV tech upgrades. Neighborhood clean ups or even some big box stores are making it really easy for you to clear old TVs out of your home.

5. Ask for help to install your wall mounted TVs. Gasp. We know, asking for helping can be just as daunting for some as using powers tools is for others. But most mounting projects are entirely doable by you and a handy friend. Or, consider engaging an installer to do the job on larger, smart entertainment projects. Service providers can make quick work of it too, so that 1 hour install doesn’t need to take six weeks.

Stay tuned for part 2, when we’ll continue with our top 6 to 10 tune-ups!