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OmniMount experts weigh in: Top Trends at CEDIA


We sat down with CE veteran Bill Ennis, OmniMount Sales Director, Americas and Kevin Paulson, OmniMount Director of Product Management, as they prepared for the CEDIA EXPO to discuss what they saw as the top trends in category. Bill went so far as to call it this way—the category is experiencing a renaissance that is exciting to see. Here are their thoughts:

  1. Curved TVs. The market isn’t giving up on the design opportunities, however, much like Blu-ray over HD DVD, there is still debate about whether curved is worth it. Other benefits to viewing aside, the consumer still has to contend with a bulkier back than they are used to mounting. The good news, that early adopters won’t necessarily be having to replace their whole wall mount. Spacers kits are available to fit the new TVs on existing mounts, as long as the weight capacities are congruent with the originally mounted TV.
  2. Prettier TVs. Okay, Bill didn’t use the word pretty, but the truth is, female buyers are more likely to mount a TV on the wall, if the TV itself is geared more to the rest of their interior decor. Thinner, and lighter TVS with smaller bezels are appealing the female demographic. As well, consumers are more comfortable with the smart home, smart media management idea, and not intimated by wireless connectivity of their devices. So with mounting kits that don’t require major wall reconstruction, and wall accessories like the OSW22 or the OSW60, that matches the size of the TV and looks attractive, they expect to see resurgence in TV mounting.
  3. 4K all the way. 4K TV and Ultra HD affects just about any digital image capture – practically anything that displays images or records video. The momentum it experienced last year is continuing to grow. For a while, 3D made its bid, but Bill and Kevin see 4K as surpassing 3D and becoming an even bigger seller this year.  4K TV sets are now available from most of the major TV manufacturers, and the picture is demonstrably better than anything seen before. The average consumers may have three to five TVs around the house and more than likely will be replenishing their TVS with 4K soon.
  4. Unique mounts. Who doesn’t love it when someone visits your home and stops and says, “Wow!” Not reserved for home theaters anymore, you can also achieve a “wow” with unique mounting like OmniMount’s OE120IW, a recessed box and TV mount system for high end in-wall installations. Custom installers still want to be able to bring this wow factor to their customers, and hiding the cables and plugs for that “float on the wall” look will continue to be a draw. Products like the OE120IW are designed and engineered as a unit, improving the overall quality, fit and finish which is what consumers want.

Agree with their short list? Have some of your own to add? Feel free to debate the issue with them at CEDIA, booth 3712, or online anytime!

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Kevin Paulson
OmniMount Director of Product Management





Bill Ennis
OmniMount Sales Director, Americas


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