Low Profile + Full Motion = Best of Both Worlds

OE120IW_CESPerhaps you aren’t familiar with the issue at hand. In the world of wall mounts there are three common types: fixed, tilt and full motion. A fixed mount typically gives you the lowest profile, which looks great, but doesn’t offer any added functionality. A full motion mount, on the other hand, can extend away from the wall and tilt, pan and swivel. Full motion is the best for rooms with multiple seating areas, but the mount arms sit farther off the wall, often sacrificing a super low profile.

OE120IW box & mount combo

That’s where the OE120IW comes in. It’s a full motion mount tucked discreetly inside a case that gets mounted in-wall, between two studs. The TV nests flat to the wall but can still extend, pan and tilt whenever and wherever you desire.

If you’ve been debating between buying a full motion mount that gives you a lot of positioning flexibility and a fixed mount that offers the slimmest of slim profiles, get the best of both worlds with the OE120IW.

Still not sure? Here are three reasons to consider an OE120IW TV mount.

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