iPad fail moments… and how to prevent them!

iPadLaugh all you want, but the day your iPad falls victim to one of these mishaps will be a sad day indeed!!

Instead of tempting fate, the iPad Combo Kit from OmniMount is a 3-piece solution to keep your iPad safe from common mishaps and easily accessible. The kit includes a case, adjustable stand and wall mount, so you can more comfortably use the device in multiple areas of the home.

iPad MontageThe case has a magnetic interface on the back that works with the two provided mounts. The rubber interior and hard shell exterior helps protect your device and still leaves full access to buttons, camera and charging.

iPad_Case_and_Stand_LS_5The adjustable stand is unique in that it can be used one of three ways: as a surface stand, under-cabinet mount or wall mount. The under-cabinet application is perfect in the kitchen, as food blogger Shanna Mallon asserts in her recent post, so you can follow along with recipes without worrying about potential spills or counter mess.

The wall mount holds your iPad close to the wall and is nice if you have a particular place you like to store or charge, like by the bedside. It’s also great along a wall in the family room or front room if you use your iPad foriPad_Case_and_Mount_LS_4 home automation or as a universal remote.

Since the iPad isn’t permanently locked in place, it’s fast and easy to move from one mount to another, or to toss in your bag and go. And for anyone that has experienced the annoyance of having magnetic phone cases or wallets grab miscellaneous items in your bag, the magnets in the Combo Kit are integrated into the mounts, not the case, so your iPad case won’t start collecting metal objects.

Have you experienced an iPad fail moment of your own? Share your story here, on Facebook or via Twitter. We’ll pick a few lucky people to receive an OmniMount iPad Combo Kit for free!

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