Three Reasons to Go All In

OM_Say-Hello-to a Hidden-Mount_HP-banner_Apr15It’s time to go all in — your wall, that is! OmniMount’s OE120IW is an in-wall TV mount that gets recessed between two wall studs. You get a practically non-existent profile when your TV is nested to the wall while still getting all the advantages of full motion, pan and tilt! Here are three reasons to consider an OE120IW for your own installation:

1. The OE120IW comes pre-assembled. You get a complete in-wall box and mount solution in a single product. That results in a superior fit and finish and a better user experience.

2. The installation is easy. A step-by-step installation video walks you through the whole process and an installation template guides the hole cutting and drilling.

3. The wall box is equipped to handle J-boxes and works with OmniMount’s OPK2┬áin-wall power kit (or off-the-shelf power kits) so you can route cables in wall without an electrical certification.

Not to mention how good this mount looks! Try it out and share your installation story with us.

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