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Low Profile + Full Motion = Best of Both Worlds

OE120IW_CESPerhaps you aren’t familiar with the issue at hand. In the world of wall mounts there are three common types: fixed, tilt and full motion. A fixed mount typically gives you the lowest profile, which looks great, but doesn’t offer any added functionality. A full motion mount, on the other hand, can extend away from the wall and tilt, pan and swivel. Full motion is the best for rooms with multiple seating areas, but the mount arms sit farther off the wall, often sacrificing a super low profile.

OE120IW box & mount combo

That’s where the OE120IW comes in. It’s a full motion mount tucked discreetly inside a case that gets mounted in-wall, between two studs. The TV nests flat to the wall but can still extend, pan and tilt whenever and wherever you desire.

If you’ve been debating between buying a full motion mount that gives you a lot of positioning flexibility and a fixed mount that offers the slimmest of slim profiles, get the best of both worlds with the OE120IW.

Still not sure? Here are three reasons to consider an OE120IW TV mount.

iPad fail moments… and how to prevent them!

iPadLaugh all you want, but the day your iPad falls victim to one of these mishaps will be a sad day indeed!!

Instead of tempting fate, the iPad Combo Kit from OmniMount is a 3-piece solution to keep your iPad safe from common mishaps and easily accessible. The kit includes a case, adjustable stand and wall mount, so you can more comfortably use the device in multiple areas of the home.

iPad MontageThe case has a magnetic interface on the back that works with the two provided mounts. The rubber interior and hard shell exterior helps protect your device and still leaves full access to buttons, camera and charging.

iPad_Case_and_Stand_LS_5The adjustable stand is unique in that it can be used one of three ways: as a surface stand, under-cabinet mount or wall mount. The under-cabinet application is perfect in the kitchen, as food blogger Shanna Mallon asserts in her recent post, so you can follow along with recipes without worrying about potential spills or counter mess.

The wall mount holds your iPad close to the wall and is nice if you have a particular place you like to store or charge, like by the bedside. It’s also great along a wall in the family room or front room if you use your iPad foriPad_Case_and_Mount_LS_4 home automation or as a universal remote.

Since the iPad isn’t permanently locked in place, it’s fast and easy to move from one mount to another, or to toss in your bag and go. And for anyone that has experienced the annoyance of having magnetic phone cases or wallets grab miscellaneous items in your bag, the magnets in the Combo Kit are integrated into the mounts, not the case, so your iPad case won’t start collecting metal objects.

Have you experienced an iPad fail moment of your own? Share your story here, on Facebook or via Twitter. We’ll pick a few lucky people to receive an OmniMount iPad Combo Kit for free!

How High Should Your TV Be?

How High Blog ImageChoosing the right height to mount your TV is an important consideration in any home. A recent article by Matt Clawson, owner of Clawson Construction, does a great job explaining what to keep in mind in your own home.

“There are many issues to consider when contemplating your television viewing experience, including the size and quality of your television, and the distance from the television to the primary viewing location. But for one characteristic, there is a simple and concrete rule: The ideal center of the screen should be at the eye level of the viewer.”

Matt’s article is full of great tips. Read the whole thing on houzz.

Three Reasons to Go All In

OM_Say-Hello-to a Hidden-Mount_HP-banner_Apr15It’s time to go all in — your wall, that is! OmniMount’s OE120IW is an in-wall TV mount that gets recessed between two wall studs. You get a practically non-existent profile when your TV is nested to the wall while still getting all the advantages of full motion, pan and tilt! Here are three reasons to consider an OE120IW for your own installation:

1. The OE120IW comes pre-assembled. You get a complete in-wall box and mount solution in a single product. That results in a superior fit and finish and a better user experience.

2. The installation is easy. A step-by-step installation video walks you through the whole process and an installation template guides the hole cutting and drilling.

3. The wall box is equipped to handle J-boxes and works with OmniMount’s OPK2 in-wall power kit (or off-the-shelf power kits) so you can route cables in wall without an electrical certification.

Not to mention how good this mount looks! Try it out and share your installation story with us.

Tips to stay active at home

A lot of people talk about tips for staying active at work, due in part to numerous studies highlighting the time workers spend sitting. If you haven’t seen the research, this infographic from Ergotron does a great job illustrating the point. But what about once you get home?

Keeping an active lifestyle at home is likely going to be easier than at the office. The beauty of being “off the clock” is that you aren’t tethered to the computer anymore, so you’re probably already more active than you realize. There are many ordinary daily activities that require movement, like cooking, doing laundry, and giving the kids baths.

The trick is to temper the activities that are traditionally done sitting down, like eating dinner and watching TV. So here are a few tips to do just that:

1. Consider having family meals around a counter or bar-height table where standing is allowed. Not only is it easier to move from kitchen to table, you might actually find that dinner conversations become more lively and engaging.

2. Mount your TV on a product that offers height-adjustability so you can actually see it better from a standing position, making it less automatic to sit down. If it seems far fetched to simply stand while you watch TV, consider ironing clothes or walking on a treadmill at the same time. Or consider a few of these tips from a previous blog about improving screen time.

3. If you do need to use the computer at home for working or paying bills, do so at a standing workstation. OmniMount is coming out with the perfect workspace solution just a few short months from now.

Remember that the tips and tricks you use at the office to stay active can also be used at home. Stand while on the phone, take a family walk around the block while discussing the day, or make a game out of interrupting long periods of sitting with fun isometrics or situps.

The most important thing is to find a solution that you enjoy. The more you enjoy it, the faster it’ll become routine.

Have you figured out some great ways to move more at home? We want to hear about them! Share in the comments below or reach out on Twitter and Facebook.

Food Loves Writing (and an under-cabinet iPad mount)

Shanna using the OmniMount Adjustable Stand for iPad in her kitchen

Shanna Mallon

Food Blogger Shanna Mallon

Food blogger Shanna Mallon,, is all about sharing real-food recipes and personal stories and it was hard not to take notice of this mouthwatering recipe for her grandmother’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

It just so happens that Shanna uses an OmniMount iPad Combo Kit in the kitchen, and in her words, it’s “a much easier way to look up recipes and research information while you’re in the kitchen, from a mounted stand that can hang beneath a cabinet, be folded up when you’re not using it and keep information out and accessible while you’re mixing ingredients for dinner or dessert.”

If you love using your iPad to try online recipes, you need this mount! Visit Shanna’s blog for your chance to win one. Happy cooking!

Installation Inspiration

Pinterest OmniMountOmniMount is on Pinterest! Sometimes it’s much easier to see TV mounts in context than to talk up and down about features, so OmniMount has started some Pinterest boards to inspire, educate and act as a design and inspiration resource.

In the coming weeks and months you’ll see new pins and boards filled with design advice, DIY tips & tricks and before & after installations. Let us know the content you like best with re-pins and likes and we’ll be sure to deliver more of it in the future!

Meet the Very Visible Designers Behind a Very Hidden Wall Mount

OmniMount OE120IW In-Wall TV MountOmniMount’s latest TV mount, the OmniElite In-Wall Mount, has a super low profile. So much so that it actually gets recessed in the wall. The hidden design is so clever that it seemed appropriate to share more about the inspiration behind its creation.

Meet Mike Murphy and George Runger, two of the OmniMount designers that worked on the OE120IW. They saw a need in the marketplace and developed just the right solution.

What fueled the creation of the already award-winning OE120IW?

GR:  The desire for a truly ultra-low profile mount that doesn’t have the issues that one would normally associate with such a low profile. Such as assembling a variety of ad-hock parts or not having access to cable connections.

What’s your favorite part of the design?


GR: The completeness. We made provisions for every detail of the installation and use. The mount is extremely flush to the wall. The profile is literally limited by the height of a standard lag bolt head, but can also be pulled out to aid in cable connections or to pan the TV to view from a remote location. Cables are routed and secured all the way from the VESA plate until they are inside of the wall box, via integrated cable channels in the mount arms. The inside of the box has provisions for power connections and cable routing through the wall. It works with OmniMount’s OPK2 in-wall power kit. You can even take it to the next level with a keystone style wall plate that can be mounted to the inside of the wall box.

MM: There are so many decisions that drive the design process. Ultimately, the goal is to make a product that’s accessible and meets a consumer need. I like that we are doing so in a way that the OE120IW achieves a look that is compact and clean. It makes holding and moving a 120 pound TV look easy. I think George said it best, it is that ‘complete solution.’

What factors influenced the aesthetic design?

GR: Mike had a pretty clear vision for the arms. He wanted something polished and high-end that still put performance and strength at the forefront. Fitting everything between 16” on-center studs was the biggest challenge. It sounds like a lot of space, but it is used up very quickly when working on a left/right symmetrical mount.

Product Designer Mike Murphy


MM: At the first stage, since the mount is part of the OmniElite Series of products, we focused on simplicity and quality materials. We also spent time looking at industry trends, so the aesthetic of the product is complimentary to current consumer electronics. In particular thin flat panels and theater components, as well as broader design influences. My wife is an interior designer and she’ll tell you firsthand the importance of style, so I also wanted to create a mount that would fit into a space and complement the technology and décor that surrounds it.  This included narrowing the appearance of form when it comes to proportions by introducing faceting and some other subtle cues. The trick is to be mindful that the product needs to exude confidence. We wanted the design to reflect beauty and strength so people trust it to hold their expensive TV.

Who can benefit the most from this product?

GR: Surprisingly enough I’m not going to say “everyone.” The OE120IW is for the most discriminating customer. They will know everything has a place inside the wall mounted box even though they cannot see it during day to day use.

MM: We have respect for someone rolling up their sleeves and making improvements to their lifestyle at home. Our hope is that both professional installers and do-it-yourselfers will find all the considerations of the product true to their needs.

Curious if the OE120IW will work for your in-wall installation? Visit the product page or call OmniMount customer care at 800.MOUNT IT.