Truth in Mounting: An Installation Story by Merry Lake Merrell – Part 1

As part of OmniMount’s truth in mounting mission, we love to share real world stories of customers using our products. Merry Lake Merrell is the director of marketing & communication at the Arizona Technology Council and happens to be mid-renovation. Here’s her story!  

Merry Lake Merrell

Marketing Director Merry Lake Merrell

When I bought my new house I pledged to be more of a minimalist—and that meant no useless TV stand to collect dust while holding my flat screen and never-watched DVDs (that I unsuccessfully tried to sell on Craigslist… apparently the market for comedy gems like 2002’s Slackers is nonexistent).

A television mount was necessary but selecting one when I didn’t even know what features I wanted was daunting. Luckily, I had an industry connection that was able to gauge my needs and recommend a product to fit both my television and the criteria I had for getting the most use out of it.

I am renovating my new home to have an open-concept living room, dining room and kitchen, so having one television that could serve all three of those living spaces was important. Site selection for the television was easy: prior to even purchasing my home my contractor and I had mapped out placement of major items when we drew up the house plans.

My Scientific Site Selection

My Scientific Site Selection

Because of my current renovation project, I knew I had the luxury of having someone else install whatever mount I purchased—however I still wanted the installation to be quick and seamless. I would be pulling one of the workers off of a larger project to put up my TV—I didn’t want to waste his time.

Betsey is a close friend and also a marketing communications manager at Ergotron. She highly recommended the full motion OminElite OE80FM. Its website description seemed uber-sophisticated and its slick box made my palms sweat a little.

From the Ergoton website:

A premium mount to match the highly stylized form of thin, large format HD and UHD TVs. The OmniElite mounts are graceful, yet powerful. For home theater enthusiasts dropping a pretty penny on a new TV, the OmniElite Series is the best way to finish the look.

Home theater enthusiast? Eeek… I own what I believe is a pretty run-of-the-mill, Panasonic VIERA® 46″ which I bought on sale at Best Buy over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend on a whim. I wouldn’t exactly describe my viewing habits of Real Housewives of NYC or any of my Netflix binges as ‘theater’ and my idea of surround sound is turning up the volume.

Betsey assured me that despite its description, this product was not too complex for me. It would be easy to mount, give me the viewing capacity I wanted and wouldn’t break the bank. So I decided to go for it. But part of me is wondering: did I get in over my head?

Did I Get In Over My Head?

Did I Get In Over My Head?

Check back next week for Part 2 of Merry’s installation story.

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