Truth in Mounting: Chris Heinonen’s Install Story

When editor Chris Heinonen decided to mount his TV on the wall, he asked OmniMount for a recommendation. It didn’t take long to find a great solution and Chris even offered to share his installation story. We’re all about truth in mounting, so here it is from the man himself!
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Technology Editor Chris Heinonen

I needed a way to hold a 32” TV and a sound bar in my bedroom. One of my jobs is to keep on top of these products for The Wirecutter and perform extended use testing on them. Putting a 32” TV and a sound bar in the bedroom will let me keep watching and listening to them. My wife also wants a TV back in the bedroom as we haven’t had one there in years.

The reason for not having one is that there isn’t a good place in the room to place it. To be able to see one from the bed it will need to be mounted to the wall and flexible enough to move away from the wall and rotate towards the bed. Laying flat against the wall will not work at all. I also want something that is flexible and easy to setup. Most people don’t swap out a TV and sound bar every 3-4 months but I do. Being able to do it on my own will make the job much easier.

ULPC-M TV Wall Mount

ULPC-M TV Wall Mount

I also need single-stud mounting due to the size of the wall it has to fit on. With lathe-and-plaster construction, I have little faith in my ability to find studs. This narrowed the list of mounts down and what I decided to go with is the OmniMount ULPC-M with the OCSBA sound bar attachment. It has a 200mm mounting plate perfect for 32” displays but can expand to 400mm if I decide to put a 42” LCD in the bedroom later on. It has a wide range of motion, making it easy to place it against the wall and pull back out. Integrated cable routing keeps it clean and away from the hands of my kids. I’d also seen a demo attaching the TV to the mount and with a small TV it looks to be a one person job.

A huge difference between generic mounts, which I’ve used in the past, and higher end OmniMount mounts is the ease of installation. As I open the package for the ULPC-M a handy mounting guide is sitting on top. After I locate two studs, a job made easier with a rare earth magnet stud finder, the install guide takes care of the rest. It adheres to the wall and shows exactly where I need to drill the two holes for the mount. An integrated debris catcher lets me do the job without leaving a mess behind. It takes no time to have the holes drilled and be ready to attach the mount.

OESBA Soundbar Accessory Mount

OCSBA Sound Bar Accessory Mount

Installing the full motion arm to the wall is the only part of the install where I had help. I could have installed it without my wife holding it up, but it would have been harder. Mounting with a socket wrench is quick with only two lag bolts for the install. Attaching the sound bar to the TV mount is the hardest part. You have to get the spacing of the OCSBA correct, and make sure to use the correct depth of screw to secure the TV without damaging it. Here OmniMount could create an online calculator where you select your mount, TV model, and if you’re using the OCSBA. Then it can tell you which screws and spacers you need to complete the mount. Make sure to consult your TV manual to get the screw size correct.

Even with a 32” TV and sound bar attached, installing both to the arm is easy for me. You lift the TV up, slide it over the mount, and it hangs in place. Secure it with two screws and it’s attached for good. When another TV or sound bar arrives for me to install, I can remove it and reinstall it myself. Most people will never have to, but I’ve used plenty of mounts where I cannot do that.

ULPC-M Cable Management

ULPC-M Cable Management

In use the ULPC-M is great. The motion is smooth and easy. The tilt control locks well so the TV doesn’t lean forward. I have no doubts about the strength of the mount to support what I’ve installed on it. The main issue is that the 32” TV and sound bar are the different widths, and now I need a 40” TV to make it look cleaner. Installation took 60-75 minutes from opening the box to being done. Power cables hide away inside the mount arms to maintain a clean look.

Aside from some small changes to make the install process even easier, I’m very happy with the ULPC-M. Every mount I’ve used from OmniMount so far has been easy to install and use, even when I have to keep changing out components. When I need another mount for something in the future, I’ll look to see what OmniMount has that will fit my needs.

About Chris: Chris Heinonen was a software developer but grew tired of the monotony, and now is Senior Editor at, Displays Editor, and a contributor to and The Wirecutter when not chasing after two young sons. He writes his own reviews and articles at Reference Home Theater, and he talks on Twitter via @chrisheinonen.

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