Daily Archives: June 28, 2013

Back to the future!


Changing the world doesn’t always require time travel. Just a few days ago the American Medical Association (AMA) cited “Health Risks of Sitting” and “Recognizing Obesity as a Disease” among the new policies they voted to adopt during their annual meeting. It just so happens that reducing sitting time and the health risks linked to it are at the forefront of Ergotron’s 3rd Annual JustStand™ Wellness Summit, slated for July 17 at the McNamara Alumni Center (University of Minnesota campus), Minneapolis, MN.

The Summit features top researchers and organizations who have explored alternatives to reducing sitting time and other “out-of-the-box” approaches to producing healthier, more active and more productive individuals!

Attending the Summit is a great way to impact the future.

1. Hear from the businesses who are blazing the trail. Organizations like Oberon (a brand of Sálo LLC), the Blue Zones, Rodale, Inc., American Council on Exercise (ACE) and David Martin Consulting Group are pioneers in creating healthier cultures for employees and the businesses they serve. Hear about their challenges and successes, and gain insight into how you might bring that knowledge back to your organization or family.

2. See and experience the solutions designed to help people reduce sedentary time. Come see the full-line of WorkFit sit-stand workstation add-ons, desks, and carts for any business or home environment.

3. Become a catalyst for change. It just takes one person to see the vision for a healthier, more productive home, office or lifestyle. Come get all the tools you need to spark a sit-stand Uprising in your community. Education is the first step to creating a culture of movement and that’s why we created Juststand.org as a resource and launch pad.

Ready to make your mark on the future? We hope so. REGISTRATION is easy.

If you have questions, contact us at info@juststand.org or tweet us using hashtag #JustStand.