The Laziest Active Person I Know

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Betsey Banker

That’s what my mom calls me. And she’s borrowing the phrase from my boyfriend. If I’m being honest with myself, it’s pretty much true. You see, I’m a very outdoorsy gal. On the weekends I’m usually off having backcountry bear encounters or getting thrown out of kayaks while cave exploring. But during the week I’ll circle the parking lot five times to find the closest spot and rejoice over having a first floor apartment that doesn’t require stairs.

Betsey Jumping over Rock

Hiking the West Coast Trail (pre-bear encounter!)

Until recently, I always sat while using my computer – you know, like a normal person. Then OmniMount became aware of an issue associated with excessive sitting – that it can lead to big health problems – and wanted to do something about it. Seeing as two major culprits are the TV and computer, I can see why.

I have to admit, though, I was skeptical at first. Or maybe it was just my lazy nature talking. Either way, I immersed myself in the research. I was surprised by the consistency of the findings. Most suggest that just by standing more the risk for certain health problems decreases; the simple act of standing encourages muscle activity that would otherwise be flat-lined.

Here’s the kicker, though. Exercise doesn’t outweigh an otherwise sedentary routine. My lazy side had been depending on the hope that it did.

It’s unrealistic to say I’ll reduce the time spent on my computer (I’m part of generation Facebook, for crying out loud). So I started using a sit-stand computer mount, partly because of the research, partly out of curiosity and probably partly because I figured it was expected of me. After just a couple of days I no longer needed to remind myself to stand – I assumed the position automatically. Even for a lazy lady like me, standing became an easy part of the routine.

The concept of standing more may seem bizarre at first, but not once you’ve heard the research and tried the products. Take it from me, you can feed both your lazy and active impulses. I may be standing but I no longer have to get UP every time I need something off the printer! Plus, it’s all about achieving a healthy mix, so my less-than-active weekday self can still take a break whenever needed.

From one skeptic to another, I invite you to join the conversation. Have a question? Let me hear it. Have a standing story? Share it at or on Twitter, hashtag #JustStand. Are you ready to join The Uprising?

  1. You’ll have to look for some off-roading opps in the office! LOL. Climbing the cube walls and walking the rims…Here’s to the next adventure!

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