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Welcome to OmniMount’s blog. We are known for bringing reliable products to the A/V industry, but since we are based in sunny Phoenix, AZ, we are also known for having some fun too. This blog will give you a behind-the-scenes look into what goes on at our headquarters and will allow you to stay on top of trends in the ever-evolving A/V world. Check in weekly for informative posts on A/V trends, product installation tips and easy, do-it-yourself projects. Get a first-hand look at what we are doing to become more “green” and how we get involved in our community. Become a fellow Phoenician with our posts on favorite Phoenix attractions and events going on in the Valley of the Sun. So kick off those flip-flops, sit back, relax and enjoy our weekly postings– oh, and you might want to think about putting on some sunscreen…

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