Meet OmniMount’s Newest Custom Installer Products

We know that custom installers look for ease and flexibility when choosing A/V equipment, so we’ve designed our newest products in the OmniPro series with installer-driven features that make OmniMount stand out above the rest.

Extended Full Motion TV Wall Mounts

CI80FMXGive your customers flexible views without the bulk. OmniMount’s CI80FMX and CI120FMX extended full motion TV wall mounts provide an extra six inches of extension so users can easily access the back of the TV for streaming and more with the best views from room to room.

Post-installation leveling makes this crucial step easier than ever before. Just tighten the safety screws after a final leveling check to ensure a straight view that accounts for uneven walls or floors. Plus, everything you need is included in the complete hardware kit for a no-stress, three-step installation.

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Pro-grade tilt mounts

CI120TPLTime-consuming installations can slow even the most experienced TV installers down. Have your customers start enjoying their TV faster with OmniMount’s new pro-grade tilt mounts. Available in three sizes, these TV wall mounts use patented post-installation leveling for a straight install every time. A quick release latch makes it easy to remove the screen or connect technology while ensuring a sturdy fit—all at a great price.

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[Video] Discover Why OmniMount

We loved seeing hundreds of visitors stop by the OmniMount booth at the CEDIA Expo last week where thousands of home tech pros and exhibitors joined together to see the latest in smart and home technology. If you were at the event in person, you saw firsthand how many choices there are for all types of technology, including A/V mounts, racks and accessories.

At OmniMount, we believe that our solutions outdo the rest in terms of quality and ease of install. For more than 30 years, OmniMount has supported the technology that brings your home to life, and we’re proud to innovate exciting products within the consumer electronics industry. This includes our new extended full motion and patented post-install level tilt mounts in the OmniPro series!

So why should you choose OmniMount instead of the other guys? OmniMount General Manager Bill Ennis shares why.

See OmniMount at the 2018 CEDIA Expo

CI120FMXIt’s that time of year again! OmniMount will be at the 2018 CEDIA Expo September 4-8 in San Diego. Visit our booth #4437 to experience our exciting line-up of A/V mounts, racks and accessories, including our new extended full motion and patented post-install level tilt mounts in the OmniPro series. You won’t want to miss trying our new line of products that’s guaranteed to make your next install a breeze. And as you’ve come to expect, OmniMount will be giving away exciting prizes that will make this year’s CEDIA event the most memorable yet!

Not able to attend? Follow OmniMount via social media using @CEDIAExpo and #CEDIAExpo. Learn more about the event at passAbout the event: CEDIA Expo brings together more than 20,000 home tech pros and 500+ exhibitors to the leading event in smart and home technology. Attendees receive concentrated access to new products, breakthrough innovations and targeted training in home tech integration.

[Video] Industry Expert Explores the Popularity of Full Motion Mounts

Once the standard, fixed or tilt TV mounts are quickly losing ground to popular full motion mounting options. With the rise of streaming devices, consumers need easy access to the back of their TVs. OmniMount’s full motion TV mounts let consumers easily pull screens away from the wall to access the back panel without disconnecting the TV from the mount. They also offer more flexibility with better screen views from room to room.

In this second video in our three-part series on industry changes, OmniMount General Manager Bill Ennis shares why full motion mounts are growing in popularity. Watch for part three of the series next month!

[Video] Industry Expert Weighs in on Top Trends

From tube TVs to ultra-slim screens and VHS tapes to Blu-ray movies, the consumer electronics industry has evolved greatly in the last few decades. Consumers continue to cut the cord in favor of popular streaming services and purchase electronics that enhance—not detract from—their home décor. With an evolving product set including TV mounts, AV racks and accessories, OmniMount stays ahead of industry trends to meet the needs of all consumers.

In this first video in our three-part series on industry changes, OmniMount General Manager Bill Ennis shares his insights on how TVs are changing based on his more than three decades of consumer electronics experience. Stay tuned for additional clips in the months ahead!

[Video] Catching Up with Bill Ennis

OmniMount General Manager Bill Ennis built his first pair of speakers at age 14, sparking a life-long passion that spearheaded a successful career. From selling car audio to cell phones to portable DVD players, he’s now at the helm of OmniMount, a global product innovator that supports the technology that brings your home to life.

Learn more about Bill’s 35-year career and his perspective on the market in this short video. Then stay tuned in the months ahead for more of his perspectives on why OmniMount is the best choice for TV mounts and AV accessories and what industry trends he anticipates will shape this business.

Spring Cleaning for Your Home Entertainment

Shot of a carefree and attractive young woman enjoying time in the outdoorsSpring is the perfect time to open the windows, grab an array of mops, brooms and buckets and invest time in a deep clean of your home. While scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming are great spring-cleaning to-do’s, the change in season is also a chance to take a fresh look at your home entertainment technology. Just like your linens and décor, TVs and accessories need regular attention to keep them working the best in your home.

Here’s how you can include home entertainment technology in your upcoming spring cleaning session:

Mount your TV

Take your TV viewing to the next level by mounting your TV screen. With tilt, fixed, full motion and interactive options available, OmniMount TV mounts help make the most of the views throughout your home while reducing glare. Easy installation ensures a safe and secure placement, which keeps your screen out of the way to prevent tipping from kids or pets.

Try this: OS120FM

Enhance TV safety

Mounting a TV into your living room space is a key part of your home entertainment spring cleaning, and safety needs to be top of mind. In addition to the safety aspects integrated in the design of all OmniMount products, you can provide extra security with a steel cable anti-tip device. This helps avoid injuries to kids and damage to your flat panel when it’s placed up high or in high-traffic areas.

Try this: OESK TV Safety Kit

Organize your accessories

The best entertainment systems include multiple audio and video components. But multiple accessories can leave your living room looking messy and cluttered. During your spring cleaning, explore OmniMount’s professional grade rack systems. From wall mounts to cabinets to shelves, these systems give an organized, polished look to any A/V installation.

Try this: OWS60 AV Wall Shelf

Hide your cables

Sleek TVs and accessories can enhance your home, but messy cables can quickly detract from the look you’re trying to achieve. Cable management tubing, channel systems and in-wall cable routing organize and help conceal all types of cords, including computer, power and AV cables. Cables are a reality for home entertainment technology, but with these products, you can downplay their appearance and avoid an unnecessary trip hazard.

Try this: OCM (On-wall cable management cover)

With these tips, you’re well on your way to a full-home spring cleaning. Ready, set, clean!

[Video] Install the OE120IW Recessed In-Wall TV Mount Like a Pro

Think beyond low profile to no profile with OmniMount’s OE120IW recessed in-wall TV mount. It offers the flexibility of full motion while being discreetly nested in your wall. You can easily attach your flat screen TV between two wall studs for a nearly flush finish. The pre-assembled box and mount duo make an otherwise intimidating installation easy for the confident DIYer. Check out the full install video below for helpful tips on adding the OE120IW to your home.

Integrate New Technology in Your Home for the New Year

Tech gifts topped holiday wish lists in 2017, so you likely found a new smart device, TV or computer under the tree. Now with the holiday decorations tucked away until next year, it’s time to get your tech gifts tidied up and ready for daily use in the new year. A few key accessories can help you seamlessly blend your current technology into each area of your home, adding safety, style and convenience.

New Year Family RoomThe Family Room

As the hub of a home, the family room is almost always a multi-functional space. Make sure your TV complements the room’s character and adds much-needed versatility. An in-wall TV mount is a discreet way to hang your TV nearly flush to the wall while still having the ability to pull it forward and pan it left or right. You will always have the best picture – no matter how many times you rearrange the furniture.

The Game Room

Less time sitting and more time playing is a great way to entertain kids and crowds. Whether you have a dedicated game room or not, encourage healthy TV fitness and play with a mount designed for movement. Lower the screen for floor activities and raise it up for interactive standing games.

New Year BedroomThe Bedroom

Your bedroom is a sanctuary. Make sure your technology adds to the oasis and isn’t an eyesore! Give your dresser a break and mount your TV on the wall. A simple fixed or tilt mount is a great solution when you only watch TV from one location. Add a floating wall shelf below to display decorations and to hold remotes and small components. If you’re guilty of the ugly cable nest, clean it up with on-wall covers.

WorkFit-Z MiniThe Office

Chances are you spend a significant portion of your day in front of the computer. Make sure your tech is working for you and give your setup a much-needed lift – literally! A sit-stand solution can improve your mood, stress level, comfort and even productivity. Plus, standing burns extra calories to support your New Year’s healthy lifestyle goals.

The Hobby Room

Having a dedicated space to be creative and crafty is a joy. Regardless of your hobby of choice, you know the importance of having a comfortable working space. With a height-adjustable desk you can sit or stand on demand. Just think, you can change the desk to the appropriate height for the task at hand and craft longer while avoiding stiff muscles.

Cheers to a new year and keeping your holiday technology safe, secure, fashion-forward and functional!

Happy Holidays From OmniMount

Holiday OmniMount

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season and great New Year! We look forward to working with you in 2018 to support the technology that brings your home to life.